Blanket Guideline Statement   -   Please Read Carefully

We appreciate the many blanket donations from members of the community, your generosity and your desire to help children through Project Linus.


This Guideline page is designed to help you understand the basics that must be followed in order for us to accept any blanket donation.  Unfortunately, we sometimes receive blankets that do not meet our guidelines and since we are under no obligation to accept these for the children we assist, we will find a use for the blankets.

The Blanket Basics

 Handmade - All Project Linus blankets must be NEW, handmade and those coming directly from a store will not be accepted


 Clean - Clean blankets, free of pet hair, any chemical or strong odor or smoke odor


 Colors - Bright, child-friendly colors and themes.  Fabric theme should be           appropriate to the size/age.  Solid black and dark gray are not accepted.


 Embellishments - No buttons or other decorative attachments on blankets


 Types - Quilts and flannel only for Infants.  All others can be quilt, flannel or fleece.


 Sizes -

Infant (36" x 36") NOTE:  We cannot accept sizes smaller than 36" x 36" .


 The following are approximate sizes.                     

Toddler (36" x 45")         Child (45" x 54")               Teen (45" x 60")


 Patterns - Any pattern you enjoy making!  For patterns and ideas, refer to the  national Project Linus website: 


How to make a No-Sew Fleece Blanket

Single Layer Fleece only.

For detailed instructions with photos, please refer to our national website,, About, Patterns/Links and refer to No-Sew Fleece Blanket #1.

1.  Choose the size blanket you want to make from the Size list above and add 8 inches to the width and to the length.  

2.  Supplies

Bright print fleece, 1 1/2-2 yards. One piece.

Fabric scissors

Yard stick

Masking tape

Marker or pen

3.  Lay fleece flat and cut the selvages off each side of the fabric in a neat, straight line

4.  Cut a 4-inch square from each corner

5.  Lay a piece of masking tape from one corner cut out to the next, placing tape at the top edge of the cut out

6.  Using a pen or marker, measure and mark one-inch increments on the masking tape.  DO
NOT mark on the fabric

7.  Using the marks on the tape, carefully cut the strips from the outer edge just to the tape.  Make sure they are even and neatly cut


8.  Move the masking tape to the next side and cut the next set of strips.  Continue around the entire blanket

9.  Your finished blanket must lay flat and to make that easier to accomplish, tie the knot in the middle of the fringe rather than at the top toward the bode of the blanket.  You may tie side-by-side fringe pieces in the same manner.

10.  Option Edge Finish:  An nice alternative to tying fringe is to make a small slit at the top of the fringe and pull the end to the back and through the slit.

11.  When you have finished your blanket(s), please wash and dry, then place in a clean plastic bag.

12.  You will find several places that serve as Drop-off Locations for completed blankets on the tab at the top of this page.


Thank you for helping children through the work of Montgomery Co., TX Chapter of Project Linus.